Farm News, 2022

Greetings Farm Fam,

2022 is well underway and we’re hard at work sowin’, growin’, and tendin’ the farm! With a whole lot on the horizon, we’re grateful for all that passed last year and excited to share what’s to come. Between applying to become a non-profit, building out our list of workshops and events, and investigating more sustainable land stewardship practices, the list of projects grows tall.

Last year, more family and animal friends joined the farm; we made a business plan and created a website; the Alisal Fire licked our barn walls and scorched nearly half our land. Last year, we witnessed the persistence of life and what it means to rise from the ashes. We’re learning how to communicate as a family and business partners, we’re healing from traumas rooted both on and off the farm, we’re growing together a new vision of what it means to steward our land. Brian, Tracy, Amanda, and Nic worked hard last year to rise above the challenges that quite literally, nearly burned the farm down. This year we’re taking all that momentum, soaring higher than before, flying with the wind and not against it.

This year, we’re taking a big step with our business to reflect more of our intentions and values. By shifting to a non-profit business model, we hope to deepen our relationship with Mother Earth by inviting more accountability in the way we manage our resources and by encouraging the community to see our land as a space we can learn from, heal with, and grow together. As we await our 501c3 approval, we are eagerly developing new workshops and planning new events to enjoy together.

With 4 years nearly under our belt, we’re excited to start sharing some of our craft and invite our mentors up to the farm to host events. Soon we’ll be hosting workshops on homestead craft with topics ranging from farm-to-table cooking, to preserving produce, to making goat-milk skin care products, and so much more. As we draw up plans for our own land and resource management, we’re excited to bring y’all into the fold as we invite experts up to the farm to host discussions on permaculture and holistic management practices. Look out for when we make updates to our calendar of events and be sure to sign up for the newsletter!

Projects are overflowing and we need your help. Take a look at our volunteer and donation page to see what we’re planning and how you can lend a hand. On the ground, we could use your help building trails, planting a native medicinal herb garden and preparing a hillside for fruit and nut trees. Or if you’re looking to support the farm financially, we’re building programs where you can adopt the cost of living for one of our animal friends (yes, you can come visit them too). You could contribute to one of our bigger development projects like building a new road or buying a walk-in freezer. As a non-profit, you get a say in the way we develop and support this community.

We welcome the return of longer days and thank you for joining us on this journey. Drop us a note or come see us up on the farm, our farm fam is growing everyday!

With Gratitude and Newborn Goats,

Tracy, Brian, Nic & Amanda

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