Goat Milk Products

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Our lovely Nigerian Dwarf goats play a crucial role on the farm in the way they maintain our pastures and cuddle in your arms. We don’t feel the need to burn off their horns, or kill the males at birth (yeah, this happens), or even breed them every year. We’re content with tending, milking, and cuddling.


Goat milk soap with various scents and healing additives like charcoal, rose hip, salt and more. This is the soap we use after shoveling chicken crap for a few hours.

Laundry detergent

Powerful enough to wash away the smell of butchering days, our laundry detergent leaves our clothes silky like the goats milk we use to make it.


Light, nourishing and straight from the goats udder, this lotion is more like a whipped body butter that repairs our skin after a long day on the farm.

Did you know?

Goat’s milk is more nutrient dense than cow milk and has high levels of vitamin A to improve your complexion, fight acne, and improve overall skin health.

Also they’re super cute!

Special Deals

Select one of our exclusive online offers and truly experience the silky touch of goat’s milk products in your life

Six Soap Sampler

Receive 6 Handcrafted bars of your choice or let us select a sampler pack for you

Soap, Lotion, and Detergent

Receive the ultimate upgrade in soft skin and fabrics

Visit the Farm!

Come meet the Herd and if you get here early enough, we might even let you milk one 🙂

Farm Fresh Market

Shop Local, From our Table to Yours

Take a stroll down our shelves and see what you’d like to add to yours

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