Stop buying things and start making them yourself! And, let us help with the learning curve a bit, we’re no experts, but we’ve made enough mistakes for the both of us. Also, we just enjoy teaching and growing our community. Sign up for one of the classes below, and when we get enough students, we’ll contact you to set a class date. Bring friends!
Candle Making

Learn to recycle booze bottles into candles at home!

Soap Making

Learn to make soap at home with natural ingredients!


Join us for a butchering day to learn about the process of slaughtering and helping us butcher one of our animals.


Learn to carve, stamp, sew and dye leather into keychains, ear rings, whatever your creative heart desires.


Learn to carve spoons, forks, figurines, and well, whatever your hands can whittle away at.

Primitive Skills

Learn to make fire using only sticks and string, make backpacks out of sticks, set up a shelter, navigate by stars, host a ceremony to honor people you care about, find your roots.

Writing, Painting, Passion

Steep your creativity in the flowing wilderness that surrounds our farm. Sink into the earthen nest you’ve selected and pursue your passion free from distraction. Have a glass of sweet tea while you’re at it, it’s on us.

Gaia Camp

Let’s do a little bit of everything at our own pace and make sure to include lots of romping around the trails and playing with the goats! Camp days are more flexible than workshops and designed for elementary, jr. high, and high school age youth respectively.


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