Experiential Learning

Stop buying things and start making them yourself! And, let us help with the learning curve a bit, we’re no experts, but we’ve made enough mistakes for the both of us. Also, we just enjoy teaching and growing our community. Sign up for one of the classes below, and when we get enough students, we’ll contact you to set a class date. Bring friends!


Come see us!

Visit the Farm

Curious about life on a farm? Come visit and we can introduce you to our animal friends. We’ll show you what projects we’re working on, maybe take a hike, just let us know what you’re interested in.

Don’t worry, on your first visit you don’t have to work. But, come see us again and you’d better bring a pair of gloves!

Homesteading Workshops

Goat Milk Skin Care

From udder to skin, follow the process of how we make our goat milk soaps and lotion.

Candle Making

Pouring candles is slightly dull, so enjoy a glass of wine while you recycle the bottles into the very candles you’re making!

Farm-to-Table Meals

Experience the full cycle of life from how we tend our herd and gardens, to how we combine and explore flavors in the kitchen

Creativity, Mindfulness, & Nature Workshops

Creative Expression

Steep your creativity in the flowing wilderness that surrounds our farm. Sink into the earthen nest you’ve selected to write, paint, or do whatever your creativity needs. Enjoy a glass of sweet tea and a farm snack while you’re at it, it’s on us.


Drop into the mindfulness practice of your choice or receive instruction from a fellow student of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Meditation.

Traditional Skills

Learn to make fire with a bow drill, use sticks to make a backpack, set up a shelter, navigate by stars, rediscover your roots with us.

Youth Workshops

Gaia Camp

Gaia Camp

Let’s do a little bit of everything at our own pace and make sure to include lots of romping around the trails and playing with the goats! Camp days are more flexible than workshops and designed for elementary, jr. high, and high school age youth.

Homeschool and School Visits

Ask about our seasonal homesteading workshops and checkout the Farm News for the latest. Workshops include, fruit and vegetable preservation

Sustainable Land Planning and Stewardship Workshops

Permaculture Design and Holistic Management

Get an insider look at how we are working with our land and join us in exploration of permaculture design and holistic management. Sign up for our monthly meetings!

Property Walk

Come up to the farm and see our vision for the future and how we plan to execute it. Best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else!

Farmers Meetup

Join us for breakfast and a chat! Bring with you challenges your facing on your farm and we’ll work together to problem solve a way forward.

Special Events

Gaia Farm Event Venue

Looking for somewhere to host an event our family might also have fun at? Well, you’re in luck again! We would love to host your organization’s fundraiser, daughter’s rehearsal dinner, or have just a fun BBQ. We’ll find the right spot on the farm with the perfect view, don’t worry it won’t be hard.


We are happy to cater your vineyards wine tastings, local event in town, or just fun parties. Let’s work together to set a menu with products from our farm and have a good time!

New Makers Market

Are you hosting a Market and looking for us to set up a booth? Look no further, reach out and let us know what you’re looking for!

Farm Fresh Market

Want To Try, Before You Make It?

Take a stroll down our shelves and see what you’d like to add to yours

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