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Stock up with our homemade pantry goodies! Crafting a delicious meal is just as much work as tending a farm. So make it easy on yourself and keep some of these pantry staples on hand to throw together flavorful, healthy, and nutritious meals. Be sure to ask about our recipes and workshops so you can start making some of these staples for yourself!

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Homestead Granola

Stock your pantry with a farm favorite! Delicious as a healthy breakfast, a nutritious snack, or as a crunchy ice cream topping.

Choose from:  Blueberry Macadamia (w/ Saigon cinnamon + cashews), Golden Hour (with golden raisins + orange blossom), or Coco-cacao (with toasted coconut curls + cacao nibs).

Finishing Sea Salts

Just a pinch of these seasoning salts add substantial depth of flavor – we have a salt for every occasion. Made with herbs and produce from our gardens and neighbors, bring a piece of Gaia’s garden into your kitchen!

Bone Broth

Nourish your body and soul with this delicious collagen-rich bone broth made with scraps from our free-range animals.

Support your immune system, reduce inflammation, heal gut lining

Find our ingredients list on the Market Page

Leaf Lard

Our lard is a minimally processed and the perfect combination of healthy fats and flavor. Helps to reduce cholesterol and maintain healthy cells. Perfect for high-heat cooking, frying, and baking!

Special Deals

Select one of our exclusive online offers and fill the room with anyone of our hand picked fragrances

Homestead Granola Sampler

Try all three of our delicious flavors and pick your favorite!

Finishing Salts Sampler

Food tastes better with salt, ours just has a little extra BAM!

Lard and Broth

With these two jars, chilly evenings stand no chance

Farm Fresh Market

Shop Local, From our Table to Yours

Take a stroll down our shelves and see what you’d like to add to yours

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