Up-cycled Candles

We view the three R’s of recycling a bit differently: REUSE, REUSE, REUSE! Our candles are the way we feel good about recycling after a big mountain top BBQ. Made with coconut wax, we recycle our booze receptacle for the sake of ambiance. Then when a candle is out we can refill it! Bring us a bottle and we can cut it, fill it, and refill it so we can keep reusing what we have.

Fragrance & Color

Choose from our curated selection of fragrances and bottles, or bring us one of yours!

Candle Fragrances

Sangria, Pink Hibiscus, Cup-o-J, Dirty Hippie, Salty Rain, Peony, Lemon Grass, Santa Anna, Love Potion, Briar Rose, Siren’s Call, Herb Citrus, Honey Honey, Olive Branch, Sugar Baby

Find us at Farmer and the Flea to sniff test!

Special Deals

Select one of our exclusive online offers and fill the room with anyone of our hand picked fragrances

Seasonal Scents

Receive 6 Hand poured candles of your choice or let us select a sampler pack for you

Local Labels

Support our love of local vineyards! Don’t worry, we’ll drink the wine, you get the candle

Topo Chico Cinco

Our best value option, receive 5 small Topo Chico candles

Farm Fresh Market

Shop Local, From our Table to Yours

Take a stroll down our shelves and see what you’d like to add to yours

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