Our Family

A Bit of History

Established Fall of 2018, Gaia Farm came to life with Tracy and Brian committing to turning over a new leaf. Set on learning by the sweat of their brow, healing from lives throughly lived, and growing with the land, they found the perfect place to start anew.

These two drove in every fence post, found a reference book for every farm animal, and to this day, milk every goat and feed every quail with unwavering compassion. That is, unless the pigs are out again “Damn Pigs!” We’re still new at this, okay.

Tracy called Texas home for most of her life, raising her family in San Antonio while working different jobs in retail. Some years were spent as an artist with her own company, other years she managed a high-end outdoor furniture store, and still other years she was a buyer for the Botanical Gardens gift shop. Ever present though was a growing distaste for consumerism and the superficiality of urban living.

Brian on the other side of the world dedicated 25 years to serving with the Army before retiring to open Smokin’ Hot BBQ in Texas. If you are unfamiliar with Texas BBQ then you might be unaware that it is superior, and well Brian’s is just on a whole different level. Even with a successful restaurant and loving partner, there were still traumas from war that no amount of BBQ sauce and chicharrones could cure. 

Together, the two loaded up the car with 6 dogs and the dream of living a more intentional life. A life where people are more important than things, where learning is part of living, where the land, the animals, our community is our medicine.

In 2021, Tracy’s son Nic moved home to the farm with his partner Amanda. Nic had spent the last decade mentoring young people around the world as a teacher, Peace Corps volunteer, and wilderness therapy guide, and Amanda had explored careers as a competitive barista, in the cannabis industry, and owning her own business building out camper vans.

Together, we are sowing spaces of learning where sustainable land stewardship practices and homesteading craft are explored and shared; we are tending spaces of regeneration where we can relearn to trust nature with healing; we are ready to harvest and sow again spaces where our land and community can grow together.

As a Family and Farm, we embrace the concept of diversity, equity, and inclusion as the fertile soil from which our organization flourishes. Just as a vibrant ecosystem thrives with a rich array of flora and fauna, we recognize that our strength lies in the diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences of our family and community members.

Like the intricate interconnectedness of nature, we understand that every individual brings a unique contribution, creating a tapestry of ideas and solutions that nurture growth and sustainability. We cultivate this inclusive environment by tending to the roots of understanding, nurturing growth through dialogue and empathy, and creating a canopy of respect and appreciation for all. We strive to be a sanctuary of equity and social justice, where each person’s voice is heard, valued, and celebrated, like a harmonious symphony of diverse species in a thriving ecosystem.

Meet the Family


Director of Milk and Finance
Tracy feels most connected to our earth when caring for our animals. She enjoys learning new crafts and how to be more sustainable. Tracy is grateful for the opportunity to share in the farm’s abundance with friends and family. She contributes to our farm by managing our flocks and finances.


Director of Stories and Development
Nic feels most connected to our earth when sauntering along our trails. He enjoys dreaming of new projects and studying traditional uses for native fauna & flora. Nic is grateful to learn from nature and share these lessons with young people. He contributes to our farm by managing our programs and business.


Director of Meat and Facilities
Brian feels most connected to our Earth in rural open spaces. He is excited to continue learning about livestock, and working with wood & metal. Brian is grateful for the opportunity to teach the next generation about agriculture. He contributes to our farm by managing our facilities and livestock.


Director of Plants and Design
Amanda feels most connected to our earth when cooking with fresh ingredients. She is passionate about homesteading and expressing creativity through different mediums. Amanda is grateful for the peaceful lifestyle the farm brings. She contributes to our farm by designing products and our gardens

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